We have marked all dishes suitable for vegetarians with a (v) on our main menu here.


We have marked dishes suitable for vegans with a (ve) on our main menu here. However, there are a few other dishes that can be modified to meet your dietary requirements – please talk to the team when you visit who can advise you on what to order. All drinks are suitable for vegans – even our horchata, which is now dairy free (and bottomless).


Please always talk to the team about any allergies, intolerances or dietary requirements when you arrive. Some of these may involve us informing our chefs as we do not list all ingredients on our menu. 

Our teams are extremely well trained on the 14 main allergens required by the FSA – as well as garlic and onion – and will be happy to help you with choices & recommendations. We have easily accessible information, which is available upon request in our restaurants.


For those avoiding gluten: We have designed a gluten information menu, so you can have a look at what is available before visiting. There's plenty of choice, but please be aware that some items require modifications that you must order through one of the team. They can then ensure the kitchen takes extra measures to keep your order safe.

Please note: We do use the same fryers for gluten and non-gluten products, so please be aware about cross contamination. These items are highlighted on the gluten menu so you can make informed choices.


Unfortunately, the meat we serve at DF is not halal. We have looked into this option, but it proved too difficult to find a viable supply source that also meets our sustainability and welfare standards.


All our dairy products are pasteurised. 


Nutritional information and calorie counts are not something we currently have available; although it is something we are investigating. If you are looking for lower calorie items we’d recommend our salads, vegetable or steak tacos (without cheese), or any of the grills. Our full menu can be seen here.


If you don’t like things too hot, no problem. We have an abundance of fresh but mild flavours on our menu. You can also remove the salsa from most menu items as that’s normally the hottest bit. Please ask one of the team for recommendations.


We have a special menu for your little 'uns, which includes a drink. These are designed for kids under 8. Take a look here.


Drop us a line & we’ll get back to you as soon as we can: