Taco Hustler




Do you want to become a hero on campus? We are looking to recruit two passionate students to help spread the taco love & receive £200 worth of taco currency to give to your fellow students each month. In return, you’ll be given a card to eat for FREE.



The deal is pretty simple. We [DF/MEXICO] will give you [the Taco Hustler] a personalised card to eat for free at either of our restaurant. This card will be:

  • Valid for 6 months from the date of issue

  • Valid for yourself and a friend (up to the value of £20 each visit) to eat in only (no takeaway)

  • Valid to use on all food and soft drinks, at any time of the week, but not in conjunction with any other offers

In return, we will expect you to hand out 40 x £5 vouchers to your fellow students each month:

  • You will have a uniquely designed ‘£5 taco currency’ voucher so we are able to track these easily

  • You must give all 40 x vouchers to individual students (who will need to write their university email address on the voucher before using them at DF)

  • You must not give more than one £5 voucher to the same person per month

    • The vouchers will get them £5 off their total bill (average cost of a meal is £12 so it’s pretty much 50% off)

    • The voucher will be valid to eat in only, at either of our restaurants (Tottenham Court Rd, W1 or Shoreditch, E1)

We reserve the right to cancel your card at any time under certain circumstances whereby:

  • You try to abuse the rules of the card above

  • You do not give out the £5 vouchers or give multiple to the same person



But we will be recruiting again later in the term. If you’d like to hear more about this & any other exciting news, please join our mailing list.